Stucco FAQ

How can I tell if my stucco is water damaged?

While stucco is supposed to get wet during rainstorms, it shouldn’t become waterlogged and damaged. However, it can suffer water damage due to excessive water accumulation. Water damage signs include stains, soft pots, crumbles, cracks, water seepage along the floor or windows, streaks, moss growth, stained or damaged window trim pieces, musty odors, and warped baseboards.

Can you repair a stucco crack?

Yes, stucco cracks can be repaired. Depending on the nature of the crack and its cause, the repair may be a simple or complex matter.

Why shouldn’t I repaint my stucco?

While you could technically paint over stucco, it is not recommended. The paint doesn’t adhere properly to stucco, at least not for long. It will eventually blister, peel, or crack. When the time comes to re-stucco, you will need to sandblast off the paint layer to ensure proper adhesion of the new stucco to the old stucco. Avoid the heartache, expense, and hassle by skipping painting and checking with a McAllen stucco contractor about re-stuccoing your home.

My house had a few hairline cracks in the stucco, yet the McAllen stucco contractor recommended grading. Why?

Without evaluating the property, we can’t know for sure why a recommendation was made. However, it’s not uncommon for soil and water issues to cause settling or excessive water accumulation – both of which can cause stucco to crack. While it may be cheaper to repair the cracks and ignore the underlying cause, it’s smarter to find out why the stucco cracked and make sure that the cause is fixed as well as the cracks. Doing so can ensure that the problems don’t reappear.

How can I clean mold and moss off of my stucco?

If the mold/moss has accumulated in the shady areas over time and there’s no cause for concern about water leaks and extensive water damage, gently scrub the area with a bleach mixture and rinse gently with a garden hose. Make sure to use light water pressure because you don’t want to blast the stucco off or etch its surface.