The Top 10 Benefits of Using Stucco


Here’s why you should consider Stucco Installation in Miami, Florida

In the market for a new home exterior material? Maybe you’re torn between wood and stucco. Both have their benefits, but if you’re looking for something that’s low-maintenance and affordable, stucco is the way to go. Here are four reasons why you should choose stucco for your next remodel.

Here are the top 10 reasons why stucco remains a popular choice for homeowners around the world.

1. Design Versatility

  • Conforms to any variety of shapes, forms, arches, and ornamental configurations
  • Can be applied in an almost limitless variety of textures, finishes, and colors to increase aesthetic impact and harmony with the environment

2. Fire Resistant

  • Classified as noncombustible material
  • Surface burning characteristics have a flame spread of zero and smoke development of zero
  • Stucco provides up to 1 hour of fire resistance, a feature that sets stucco apart from other economical wall cladding finishes
  • Stucco-clad assemblies can achieve a fire rating of 1-4 hours

3. Water Resistance

  • Stucco performs in a variety of climatic conditions, enduring wet/dry and freeze/thaw cycles without a problem
  • Water-resistant when properly mixed, applied and adequately cured with a ¾-inch cement plaster membrane
  • Vapor permeable (conditions apply as above), 100% acrylic and silicone-enhanced finishes allow moisture vapor from the interior of the house to escape while repelling rain and weather.
  • Vapor molecules are small enough to pass through the surface through water droplets are not

4. Offers Safety During Earthquakes

  • Acts as a reinforced concrete shear wall
  • Applying an engineered stucco finish to a house can take it from high risk to very low risk
  • Safer for people during and after earthquakes, saving lives and money

5. Low Maintenance Costs

  • rock-plastered-stucco-wallStucco is a durable surface easily be cleaned with a water hose
  • It has excellent color retention and can be refinished with a top coat of the same or different color
  • No peeling or chipping occurs
  • No painting or refinishing is required, resulting in savings of as much as $5000.00 every 5 years

6. Insect Proof

  • Stucco is not susceptible to attack from insects, rodents, or other drilling or boring creatures

7. Impact and Abuse Resistance

  • Stucco’s hard surface and metal lath reinforcement make it highly resistant to physical abuse
  • Exceptional protection from hail

8. Noise Resistance

  • Stucco’s nature and heavy mass reduce noise transmission much more effectively than other competing cladding choices. Because it seals openings when applied, it seals paths that noise could follow

9. Economical

  • The cost combined with its versatility and aesthetic design capabilities makes it one of the most cost-effective choices for residential and commercial wall cladding systems.
  • Costs less per square yard than brick, cedar, or Hardiplank

10. Energy Efficiency

  • Stucco can cut exterior air infiltration and reduce heat loss through the wall.
  • The dew point-the temperature at which water vapor condenses is located on the outside of the wall in stucco claddings, reducing the possibility that condensation will collect in the walls, possibly freezing and causing damage